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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirst gearˌfirst ˈgear noun [uncountable]  TTCthe lowest gear in a car or other motor vehicle, used when starting to move or when going up or down a very steep hill
Examples from the Corpus
first gearIn most applications first gear low box is low enough.Trent rode in first gear, headlight tunnelling into the forest gloom through which the rain bucketed.Without the soul in first gear with the Boss, brakes are difficult to apply and take longer to become operative.Their line and length was immaculate and after 16 overs Park were still in first gear on 28 for one.The truck, in first gear again, was heading through a forest of small thin jack pine.In first gear the rear Michelin breaks traction immediately.Maria shoved the Mercedes into first gear and squealed forward.Horacio shifts into first gear and the bus begins to struggle up the hillside.