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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfloorboardfloor‧board /ˈflɔːbɔːd $ ˈflɔːrbɔːrd/ noun [countable]  1 TTBa board in a wooden floor I lifted the carpet to check the floorboards for woodworm.2 American EnglishTTC the floor in a car
Examples from the Corpus
floorboardThey could hear the wild rush of the wind and the pattering of rain against floorboards from the deserted upper floor.It was the room without any floorboards.Patti said Monday about an inch of water got on the main floor, and the hardwood floorboards had begun to cup.Mungo set off, taking care to avoid the loose floorboards which he had already tried to memorize.The dead plants, the puddle of water spreading out across the floorboards.He was arrested after officers found a bag of marijuana on the floorboard.They hid under floorboards and over grocery stores.