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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhoothoot1 /huːt/ noun [countable]  1 SHOUTLAUGHa shout or laugh that shows you think something is funny or stupidhoot of laughter/derision etc Hoots of laughter rose from the audience.2 HBBSOUNDa sound that an owl makes3 TTCTTWSOUNDa short clear sound made by a vehicle or ship, as a warning4 be a hoot5 don’t give a hoot/don’t care two hoots
Examples from the Corpus
hootWell, he couldn't give a hoot, either!Needless to say, no lunch for him, as he retreated amidst hoots and laughter, carrying the offending object.If the skills dipped, there would be hoots of laughter.Leary's speech drew hoots from the crowd.There was a brief exchange of hoots, and the clothed human put down the tray and went out again.The sharp hoot of a train came from the railway yards a mile away: icy across icy spaces.There was in every office of Salomon a systemwide loudspeaker, called the hoot and holler or just the hoot.Apart from money, success at Salomon meant having your name shouted over the hoot.The hooting of a horn made me turn round.hoot of laughter/derision etcIf the skills dipped, there would be hoots of laughter.Greene hollered over the hoots of laughter.The Jospin administration's job-creating brainchild was greeted with hoots of derision when it was announced in 1997.