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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhubcaphub‧cap /ˈhʌbkæp/ noun [countable]  TTCa round metal cover for the centre of a wheel on a vehicle
Examples from the Corpus
hubcapHe found hubcaps.-He repainted the car a pretty magenta.It was cream-colored, no hubcaps, with torn seats and a battered trunk.The Audi came hurtling over the rise, too, one hubcap spinning away from it as it landed.He bootlegged whiskey, pumped gas, worked in a steel mill handling hot wire, stole hubcaps.They also ripped off the hubcaps.I bought flowers for his girlfriends and polished the hubcaps on his car.He started to spray the hubcaps with what looked like toothpaste.The hubcaps were already covered with water.