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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjuggernautjug‧ger‧naut /ˈdʒʌɡənɔːt $ -ərnɒːt/ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishTTC a very large vehicle that carries goods over long distances syn semi American English2 Ta very powerful force, organization etc whose effect or influence cannot be stopped the juggernaut of industrialization
Examples from the Corpus
juggernautAnd his electrically-powered Sungift 400 buggy was nearly blown over every time a juggernaut roared by.His main challenge now is to try to compete with a juggernaut.To make matters worse, the economy is a merciless juggernaut.the former East German sports juggernautTwenty flaming arrows hit the juggernaut.Through the shimmer he saw the huge octopus eyes of the juggernaut grow dimmer.The juggernaut bucked and the poet held on to the side to prevent himself being thrown around.