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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlead-freelead-free /ˌled ˈfriː◂/ adjective  TTCTPGlead-free petrol or paint contains no lead syn unleaded
Examples from the Corpus
lead-freeCerene white frits are lead-free and do not contain zirconium silicate as the opacifying agent.Despite the mechanics' worries motoring organisations say they are confident lead-free means trouble free.The stores subsequently agreed to sell lead-free mini-blinds.What difference does lead-free petrol make?Perhaps lead-free petrol, or traffic-free streets.Britain's car manufacturers and oil companies now accept the inevitability of lead-free petrol.Provision for lead-free sample containers is a major requirement.Speedfit fittings are lead-free, totally safe for drinking water, and are Water Research Centre listed.