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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlightlight1 /laɪt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 natural/artificial light a) [uncountable]LIGHT the energy from the Sun, a flame, a lamp etc that allows you to see things We saw a flash of light.in/by the light of something Everything looked grey in the dim light of the oil lamp. I read by the light of the fire.in/into the light The man moved forward into the light. b) [countable]LIGHT a particular type of light, with its own particular colour, level of brightness etc The colours look different in different lights.2 lamp/electric light etc [countable] a) LIGHTsomething that produces light, especially electric light, to help you to see Ahead of us we could see the lights of the city. We’re having a mixture of wall lights and ceiling lights in different parts of the house.turn/switch/put on a light I switched on the light in the bedroom.turn/switch/put off a light Don’t forget to switch the lights off when you go out.turn/switch/put out a light Can you turn the light out downstairs?a light is/comes/goes on The lights in the office were still on. The street lights were just beginning to come on. He left a light on in the kitchen.a light is off/out Make sure all the lights are off when you leave. Suddenly all the lights in the house went out. Can you turn the light down (=make it less bright) a bit? the bright lights at bright(14) b) DTZsomething such as a lamp that you can carry to give you light Shine a light over here, will you?3 traffic control [countable usually plural]TTR one of a set of red, green, and yellow lights used for controlling traffic syn traffic lights We waited for the lights to change. Eventually the lights turned green. The driver had failed to stop at a red light. green light4 on a vehicle [countable usually plural]TTC one of the lights on a car, bicycle etc that help you to see at night He was dazzled by the lights of oncoming traffic. You’ve left your lights on. brake light, headlight, parking light5 first light6 be/stand in somebody’s light7 a light8 in somebody’s eyes [singular] literaryEXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACE an expression in someone’s eyes that shows an emotion or intention syn gleam There was a murderous light in his eyes.9 set light to something10 come to light/be brought to light11 throw/shed/cast light on something12 in the light of something13 in a new/different/bad etc light14 see the light15 see the light (of day)16 light at the end of the tunnel17 have your name in lights18 go/be out like a light19 a leading light in/of something20 the light of somebody’s life21 window [countable]TBB a window in a roof or wall that allows light into a room hide your light under a bushel at bushel, red-light district, → be all sweetness and light at sweetness(3), → in the cold light of day at cold1(9)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + lightbright/strongThe light was so bright he had to shut his eyes.blinding/dazzling (=extremely bright)The white buildings reflected a blinding light.dim (=not bright)Gradually her eyes became accustomed to the dim light.good (=bright enough)Stand over here where the light is good.poor/bad (=not bright enough)The light was too poor for me to read.soft/warm (=light that seems slightly yellow or orange)the soft light of the candlescold/harsh (=light that seems slightly blue)the cold light of the moonthe morning/dawn lightThe flowers glowed brightly in the morning light.natural light (=light produced by the sun)The only natural light came from two high windows.artificial light (=light produced by lamps)The office was windowless, lit only by artificial light.verbslight shinesThe light from the streetlamp shone through the curtains.light comes from somewhereThe only light came from the fire.light streams/floods in (=a large amount of light comes in)Light streamed in through the window.light falls on/across etc somethingThe light fell on her book.light illuminates something formal (=makes it bright or able to be seen)The light from the screen illuminated the people gathered round it.the light is fading (=it is getting darker as the sun is going down)produce light (also emit light technical)the light produced by the suncast light (=send light onto something)the gold circle of light cast by the lampreflect lightSnow reflects a lot of light.something is bathed in light literary (=something has a lot of light shining on it)The fields and woods were bathed in golden light.phrasesa beam/ray/shaft of light (=a thin line of light)There was a shaft of light from the doorway.a flash of light (=a bright light that appears suddenly for a very short time)A flash of light caught his attention.a pool/circle of light (=an area of light)They stood in the pool of light cast by the streetlamp. THESAURUSMeaning 2: light something that produces light, especially electric light, to help you to seeShe switched the kitchen light on.The lights in the house were all off.lamp an object that produces light by using electricity, oil, or gas – often used in names of lightsa bedside lampa street lampa desk lampa table lampan old oil lampa paraffin lamplantern a lamp that you can carry, consisting of a metal container with glass sides that surrounds a flame or lightThe miners used lanterns which were lit by candles.torch British English, flashlight American English a small electric lamp that you carry in your handWe shone our torches around the cavern.candle a stick of wax with a string through the middle, which you burn to give lightThe restaurant was lit by candles. bulb the glass part of an electric light, that the light shines froma 100 watt bulban energy-saving light bulbon a carheadlight (also headlamp) one of the two large lights at the front of a vehicleIt was getting dark so she switched the headlights on.sidelight British English, parking light American English one of the two small lights next to the main lights, at the front and back of a cartail light one of the two red lights at the back of a vehicleindicator British English, turn signal American English one of the lights on a car that flash to show which way the car is turning
Examples from the Corpus
lightLight was coming into the room through a crack in the door.a sudden flash of blinding lightThe 5-inch model of the starship came complete with blinking lights.the cold blue light of the ArcticIn the fading light she could just make out the shape of a tractor.a gas lamp that gives as much light as a 100 watt bulbThe blaze of lights in the evening was part of it, and the singing and shivering the rails made.The speed of light through our apparatus should vary as the speed of the relative ether current varies.This can be put in its least intuitively reasonable light if we assume just two firms.You will be aware that normally, of course, reflected light is of the same color as incident light.We could see light coming from under the door.The valley was bathed in the soft light of dawn.Just then, the street lights come on.That light's really bright.She sat reading by the light of the fire.He switched on the light, opened the door, and went into the dim public space.He switched the light on and looked at the clock.The light isn't good enough to take a photograph.The light was fading, and I was afraid we wouldn't be home before dark.in/by the light of somethingLawton was reading Blake by the light of a spot lamp.I look at this coldly in the light of right and wrong.We then analyzed that data in the light of history and like activities, and published the results for all to see.This no-mans-land of uninvolved contemplation is illuminated by the light of understanding.The wizard's mouth was open, and his face was brilliantly lit by the light of - what?Chick was reading the Evening Telegraph by the light of a torch.turn/switch/put on a lightI put my picks away, donned my gloves, and turned on a light.Eventually she made herself go forward, switching on lights as soon as she could reach them.I've even known him switch on a light without blowing all the fuses.Rory did not switch on a light, but strode to the window and jerked back the drapes.But it was as if some one turned on a light switch in Franklin.He was afraid to turn on a light in the school.Sonya did not want to turn on a light.I was put on light duties.