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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlorrylor‧ry /ˈlɒri $ ˈlɔːri, ˈlɑːri/ ●●● S3 noun (plural lorries) [countable] British English  1 TTCa large vehicle for carrying heavy goods syn truck2 it fell off the back of a lorry
Examples from the Corpus
lorryIt's expected as many as 150,000 lorries will use the terminal every year.In April 1986 our 29-year-old son met a lorry coming from the opposite direction with a very heavy utility trailer in tow.A lorry driver signalled to her to cross the road.Heavier traffic flows caused by lorries on bridges and roads also added to the ministry's problems.They would be at risk from the vastly increased number of cars and heavy lorries expected to use the new tunnel.On the upward curve over the first down the lorry was forced to a crawl.But there was further drama when the crane's brakes failed and it slid into the cab of the lorry.Charges of government mismanagement were compounded by reports of corruption among food wholesalers, lorry owners and trawlermen.