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manifoldmanifold2 noun [countable] technical  TTCan arrangement of pipes through which gases enter or leave a car engine
Examples from the Corpus
manifoldCalculation of the curvature of the center manifold shows that this periodic solution is an attractor.an exhaust manifoldExhaust gases are then subjected to an air injection which encourages unburnt fuel to ignite in the exhaust manifold.This is detected with a special sensor in the exhaust manifold.The exhaust manifold gave an explosive belch and went silent.The remaining lump now consisted of the crankcase, blacks, heads, inlet manifolds and fuel trunk.Having located the air intake manifold we noticed a significant difference between the diagrams in the manuals and our engine.It laid the foundations of topology, the differential geometry of manifolds and the theory of space-time and gravitation.The manifold consists of a group of parallel tubes of precisely known inner diameter.