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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmotormo‧tor1 /ˈməʊtə $ ˈmoʊtər/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 TPthe part of a machine that makes it work or move, by changing power, especially electrical power, into movement an electric motorMotor is not generally used to refer to the part of a vehicle which produces the power for it to move. Use engine: My car needs a new engine.2 British English old-fashioned or informalTTC a car That’s a nice motor you’ve got, Dave. outboard motor
Examples from the Corpus
motorThe ceiling fan is powered by an electric motor.The supply also had to power some huge electric motors, and some of these were constantly switching in and out.The fan's motor made a funny popping sound.The heavier the motors, the bigger the batteries needed to power it.I got out of the car but left the motor running.The circuit only sends the motor an impulse when the sensor's output is different from the required setting.Lord Beverley helped me up into the passenger seat and began the long business of starting the motor.Just then, the motor failed and the boat began drifting out of control.