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motormotor2 adjective [only before noun]  1 especially British EnglishTTC relating to cars or other vehicles with engines the motor industry a motor accident motor insurance2 TPhaving an engine a motor scooter3 technicalHB relating to nerves that make muscles move impaired motor function
Examples from the Corpus
motorThe disease results in impaired motor function.Coming out of the motor home, she is staggering.McLaren started the trend a few years ago by bringing along a motor home which, when parked, then expanded skywards.A sound like a brief, deep blast from a motor horn was the only response.But isn't it time insurance companies started to treat home insurers the same way as motor insurers?motor oilSome economists feel deep disquiet at the use of food grains to produce motor spirit.For several decades the number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents per 100,000 population has increased.a motor vehicleLater, I learned that not one of these men owned a motor vehicle.