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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmotoristmo‧tor‧ist /ˈməʊtərɪst $ ˈmoʊtər-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TTCsomeone who drives a car syn driver, → pedestrian 12,000 motorists were stopped for speeding in the police crackdown.
Examples from the Corpus
motoristAbout 1,200 motorists were also stopped for speeding in the crackdown.Motorists are developing the habit of buying a new car every other year.Motorists in the mountains will need tire chains this weekend.Their mutilated bodies were found by a motorist on Monday.She managed to climb out of the chilly water and flag down a motorist on the Embarcadero.A motorist on Interstate 70 near New York Mountain had reported seeing smoke coming from the slope last week.Thames Valley Police welcome the campaign as more effective than chasing motorists through the courts.Also patron of bachelors, bus drivers, motorists, porters, and travelers.Also patron of bachelors, bus drivers, motorists, travelers, truck drivers; he is invoked against nightmares.Safety needs to be improved, not only for motorists but also for pedestrians.This will help motorists to see you if you are walking after dark.The countryside is being destroyed for the benefit of the motorist.