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neutralneutral2 noun  1 [uncountable]TTCTEM the position of the gears of a car or machine when no power is being sent from the engine to the wheels or other moving partsin/into neutral When you start the engine, make sure the car’s in neutral. Put the car into neutral.2 [countable]PGPGC a country, person, or group that is not involved in an argument or disagreement3 [countable usually plural] a neutral colour
Examples from the Corpus
neutralIn 1917, U.S. neutrality ended when two of their ships were torpedoed.These reds function as a neutral, and manufacturers paired them with just about everything.Bamboo pieces also suit rooms painted white and in shades of green, browns and neutrals.Vera dresses mostly in neutrals.However, the U-pattern shift without clearly marked neutrals does make the work easier.The neutrals were delighted with the result in Paris: Balestre 29 votes, Mosley 43.in/into neutralBogart and Bergman had loved one another years before, and in neutral Casablanca discover that their passion is unabated.From the freedom of play it seems to have in relation to my belly it must be in neutral.But the bad news is the engine will not start or run when it's down, even in neutral.This group were aware of the injury and described it in neutral terms of sensation.That camp still advocated casting to hold joints in neutral positions.He watches her as she shifts into neutral, pulls on the emergency brake.You can stay a long time in neutral, ticking over - provided nothing happens.