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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishovershooto‧ver‧shoot /ˌəʊvəˈʃuːt $ ˌoʊvər-/ verb (past tense and past participle overshot /-ˈʃɒt $ -ˈʃɑːt/) [intransitive, transitive]  1 TTCto accidentally go a little further than you intended The plane overshot the runway and plunged into a ditch.2 to spend more money than you had intended The school has overshot its cash limit.overshoot /ˈəʊvəʃuːt $ ˈoʊvər-/ noun [countable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
overshootThe tower acknowledged him, once more ordering the Ilyushin to overshoot.I tried to turn in behind him but found that I was going to overshoot and pulled away to starboard.An approaching Ilyushin passenger-jet was told to overshoot as the tower lined Duncan up on the runway.The budget deficit will probably overshoot its target of 5.8 percent of GDP.A Hillman Imp, a roof rack, the beak of an upturned canoe overshooting its windscreen.I allowed about six feet at first, just in case Dawn overshot the glove.A commuter plane overshot the runway Sunday night in Augusta.The airbrakes can then be reduced once it is clear that the glider will not overshoot with full airbrake.