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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparkingpark‧ing /ˈpɑːkɪŋ $ ˈpɑːr-/ ●●● S3 noun [uncountable]  1 TTCthe act of parking a car or other vehicle No Parking (=used on signs) a £45 parking fineparking space/place/spot I couldn’t find a parking space near the shops.2 TTCspaces in which you can leave a car or other vehicle Free parking is available at the hotel.THESAURUSplaces where you can park a carparking space/place a space in a street, car park etc where a car can be leftgarage a building for keeping a car in, usually next to or attached to a houseparking garage especially American English a building near or under a public place where cars can be parkedcar park British English, parking lot American English an area where cars can be parkedmultistorey car park British English a building with many levels where cars can be parkedcarport a shelter for a car which has a roof but no sidesdrive British English, driveway American English the hard area between your house or garage and the street. on which you can leave a car
Examples from the Corpus
parkingThere are also 1000 parking spaces.Parking is available on Lamay Street.The driver sought out the agreed parking space which was as far away as possible from the canteen and shop complex.In front of the second dicky are the aforementioned fuel tank selector, cowl flap, cabin heat and air controls and parking brake.Should they charge for car parking?Mr Gould had gone to Mr Hoad's home in Gloucester to collect unpaid fines for parking and car tax.The sign said "No Parking."I pull briskly into our room parking space.Close to buses, taxis and shops and with ample free street parking.At least one school has leased a redundant playground to a local factory for off-street day time parking.parking space/place/spotHis scheme involves eliminating 100,000 parking places and installing 15,000 parking-meters.There was a parking spot for us right out front.I was helping Syndi shovel out the mailbox and parking spaces down by the road.Management of the nearby Colwyn Centre have also offered car parking space.The city could take back the 110 additional diplomat parking spots it created under the pact, Mastro said.With painful care she eased the car out of its parking place and into the flow of traffic.After a peg-legged walk from the parking spot, I arrived to an empty foyer.It is not surprising that there is a shortage of truck parking spaces at interstate rest areas.