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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparking garageˈparking ˌgarage / $ ˈ...ˌ./ noun [countable] American English  TTCa building with open sides in a public place where cars can be parked
Examples from the Corpus
parking garageFor example, Wynns floated the idea of eliminating surface street parking near the museum in exchange for a parking garage.They turned it into a parking garage.It was supposed to have been turned into a parking garage long before now.Museum trustees argue that a parking garage must be built to satisfy the needs of their vehicle-dependent patrons.A six-level parking garage is ready to handle 15,000 cars.By the year 2001 the tracks will circle the perimeter of the short-term parking garage roof in the middle of the loop.I mean the curtains are still hanging in the parking garage.