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pick-upˈpick-up noun  1 vehicle [countable] especially American EnglishTTC a small truck with low sides that is used for carrying goods2 improvement [countable] an improvement in something which will be good for economic successpick-up in There are signs of a pick-up in high street spending.3 collection [countable, uncountable] an occasion when someone or something is collected from a place The price includes travel from your local pick-up point in the UK to your hotel in Paris. trash pick-up4 person [countable] informalSEX/HAVE SEX WITH a stranger that you meet in a bar, at a party etc and have sex with5 music [countable] an electronic part on a musical instrument, especially an electric guitar, that makes the sound louder6 speed [uncountable] American EnglishTTC the rate at which a vehicle can increase its speed syn acceleration It was a small car, but it had good pick-up.
Examples from the Corpus
pick-upMalls could be used more as a pick-up point for merchandise after orders are made online.A sports car, a pick-up, a retro car?Over the radio comes the call for a pick-up in the next street over.a pick-up in textbook salesI am not a bar pick-up kind of person, and I usually find the whole scene pretty cheesy.a shuttle-bus pick-upMy old car had excellent pick-up.Garbage pick-ups are on Tuesdays and Fridays.Dad's old pick-up was parked outside.The Waterbase brush has a special mix of synthetic filaments designed for optimum paint pick-up.pick-up pointFurthermore, it's all very well saying that there are 22 pick-up points but how do you get to them?Malls could be used more as a pick-up point for merchandise after orders are made online.But a car was seen slowing down at what might have been a pick-up point on the A12.There was a horseshoe put-down and pick-up point between an ascending and descending ramp but parking there was prohibited.Our house was less than a kilometre from the pick-up point.Exact timings and location of your pick-up point will be forwarded to you with your travel documentation.