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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoundpound1 /paʊnd/ ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 weight [countable] (written abbreviation lb)TM a unit for measuring weight, equal to 16 ounces or 0.454 kilogramspound of a pound of apples Moira weighs about 130 pounds. The grapes cost $2 a pound.2 money [countable] (also pound sterling) a) PEC £ the standard unit of money in Britain, which is divided into 100 pence They spent over a thousand pounds. a multi-million pound business a five pound note b) the (British) poundPEC the value of British money compared with the value of the money of other countries The pound was up against the dollar. c) PECthe standard unit of money in various other countries, such as Egypt and the Sudan3 for dogs and cats [countable usually singular]TTCHBP a place where dogs and cats that have been found on the street are kept until their owners come to get them4 for cars [countable]TTCHBP a place where cars that have been illegally parked are kept until their owners pay money to get them back5 get/take/demand etc your pound of flesh6 telephone [uncountable] American English the pound key
Examples from the Corpus
poundI've gained 10 pounds since Thanksgiving.Navel oranges are only 39 cents a pound.Customers can ask for a pound of bananas, but traders are obliged to weigh them in metric units.Just 200 extra calories each day add up to one-half pound of extra body fat each week.The Government gets its pound of flesh, doesn't it.The council is planning to spend ten million pounds more than government guidelines next year.Enter your five-digit code, and then press pound.This often means great economy too, for eliminating draughts and adding insulation will save pounds on energy bills.A week later a cheque for twenty-five thousand pounds arrived on the churchman's desk.cost ... a poundA longer pair for waders and which are prevented from slipping down by an elasticated band, cost a pound more.In Sakhalin, beef cost $ 38 a pound, a luxury he could only afford three times a year.It's expensive, the habit can cost a thousand pounds a week.Supercomputing - High-performance computers costing millions of pounds can not be sited at every university that needs their computational power.Retail cuts differ in cost per pound and preferred methods of cooking as they differ in the wholesale cut of origin.Under piecework, cost per pound dropped from two-and-a-quarter cents to one-and-a-quarter cents.The National Rivers Authority says the clear up will take several days and will cost thousands of pounds.