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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpower steeringˈpower ˌsteering (also power-assisted steering) noun [uncountable]  TTCa system for steering a vehicle which uses power from the vehicle’s engine and so needs less effort from the driver Most new cars now have power steering.
Examples from the Corpus
power steeringEquipment looks good with central locking and power steering included.And although the odd purist might object we've also included power steering, electric windows and a high quality car stereo.On the comfort front, multi-adjustable front seats and light power steering make it an easy and pleasant car to drive.Both provide extremely quiet and comfortable transport for long journeys, but the very light power steering needs care.Higher ratio power steering gives tighter turns, but the tendency to slight wanderings on the straight is still there.The model included standard goodies such as electric windows and mirrors all round, power steering, central locking and catalytic convertor.Handling is excellent with plenty of grip, balance and a confident feel from the power steering.It would help a lot when cornering if the power steering was lighter.