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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrefuelre‧fu‧el /ˌriːˈfjuːəl/ verb (refuelled, refuelling British English, refueled, refueling American English)  1 [intransitive, transitive]TTCTTA to fill a plane or vehicle with fuel before continuing a journey The plane was refuelled in Dubai.2 [transitive] to make feelings, emotions, or ideas stronger The attack refuelled fears of war.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
refuelThey landed at Benina to refuel.When the wire has all but disappeared, it is time to land and refuel!Despite the conditions the long passage was uneventful and William Lukin was refuelled and declared ready for service again by 0800.The attack refueled fears the war would begin again.Some military planes can refuel in mid-air.It too would have to refuel in Newfoundland, giving them a twelve-hour lead.On lap 49 Schumacher made his sole refuelling stop and resumed 11.1sec ahead of Coulthard, who had yet to come in.The pilot went to the front of the plane to work the controls, and the men started to refuel the plane.