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reversereverse2 ●○○ AWL noun  1 the reverse2 in reverse3 go into reverse/put something into reverse4 car [uncountable]TTC the position of the gears in a vehicle that makes it go backwardsinto/in reverse Put the car into reverse.5 defeat [countable] formalBEAT/DEFEAT a defeat or a problem that delays your plans syn setback Losing the Senate vote was a serious reverse for the president.6 other side [singular]BACK OF something the less important side or the back of an object that has two sideson the reverse The British ten-pence coin has a lion on the reverse.
Examples from the Corpus
reverseFinancial reverses forced Thomas to sell his business.It is the conglomerate process in reverse.The process can work in reverse.The parasympathetic nervous system does the reverse, preparing the body for more vegetative activities.But in fact the reverse is true.But for others, the reverse was true: it was technical drawing which attracted them into engineering.The reverse side has two eagles with a dead hare.Union commander McDowell reacted to this reverse by renewing his forward pressure.into/in reverseThe change at Everton is as incredible as the transformation at Blackburn, in reverse.Maria put the car into reverse and drove away.Net cash position Practically everything that I have said about borrowing is applicable to cash, in reverse.To take these points in reverse order, the initiation of the student into the rational life should occur in two directions.If it was done wrong, the migration west might go right into reverse.He drove forward, shifted into reverse, gassed it and braked.When the trend went into reverse, it was London which fell first and furthest.That works in reverse as well, when he or she innocently presumes to inject science at Sunday school.History would be written in reverse.on the reverseShould you wish to apply for assistance with fees, please complete Section D on the reverse of the application form.Awards made during and after World War Two have the year of the award engraved on the reverse lower limb.I don't suppose you looked at what's left of the lettering on the reverse.It is strictly limited to 15,000, and each plate is individually numbered on the reverse.Often the paintings appear to be signed on the reverse and occasionally a date is inscribed there also.White spots on the reverse side of a tiger's ears.It was on the reverse side of a police interview with Reza Eslaminia.