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rideride2 ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 car/train etcTTCDRIVE a journey in a vehicle, when you are not drivingliftride in He invited me to go for a ride in his new car. Can you give me a ride back to town? Sammy had promised to take me for a ride in his truck. I managed to get a ride down to the station. We hitched a ride (=got a free ride from a passing vehicle) into town.car/bus/train etc ride A fifteen minute taxi ride will take you to the airport.a smooth/comfortable/bumpy etc ride The new model offers a lovely smooth, comfortable ride.see thesaurus at journey2 horse/bicycle a journey on a bicycle, a horse, or a similar animalride on Can I have a ride on your bike?a bike/bicycle ride Shall we go for a bike ride this afternoon?3 a rough/easy ride4 a bumpy ride5 take somebody for a ride6 come/go along for the ride7 machine at a fairDLO a large machine that people ride on for fun at a fair We went on loads of rides.8 pathTTRROAD/PATH literary a path for riding on a horse in the countryside a grassy rideCOLLOCATIONSverbstake/have a rideVisitors can take a ride on a steam train.go for a rideHe went for a ride in a private plane piloted by a friend.give somebody a rideEllie gave us a ride to school.get a ride American English:I left the farm that night, and got a ride into town.hitch a ride (=get a free ride from a passing vehicle)He hitched a ride to Denver on a truck.take somebody for a rideHugh took me for a ride in his new car.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + ridea car/bus/train etc rideThe resort is a short bus ride away from the hotel.a short/long rideI climbed slowly aboard the bus for the long ride to Hawkesworth.a smooth/comfortable rideThe new suspension produces a smoother ride.a bumpy ridePart of the flight had been a bumpy ride through a thunderstorm.
Examples from the Corpus
rideShe took me to see the horse and asked if I wanted to go for a ride.On the car ride back from the airport he told her all about his trip.It's a two-hour ride to the Canadian border.He pretended to be asleep for the entire two hour ride.Minnesota boy, 10, goes for joy ride Fridley, Minn.His progress since has been steady, his number of rides has increased.Beyond a quieter plane ride, NoiseBuster is said to lessen the effects of jet lag.a rollercoaster rideWith three air-force pilots along for the ride, James flew along a railroad track bordered by tall trees.In short, get ready for another wild ride on the information highway in 1997.a smooth/comfortable/bumpy etc rideIt is expected to be a smooth ride for the bill from here.It had been a bumpy ride, through the tail end of a thunderstorm.It was the same man who had jostled her repeatedly during a bumpy ride on the Lexington Avenue Express subway.By later standards they were rather slow cars, but the trucks gave a smooth ride on straight track.All the rail joints would be welded by the Thermit process, to give a smooth ride throughout.Since the programme was announced in 1998, like previous eradication campaigns, it has had a bumpy ride.The six-cylinder model has a firmer and lower suspension, though it still produces a comfortable ride.The hydraulics, in theory, separate the chassis from the body to provide firm suspension yet a comfortable ride.a bike/bicycle rideTen tokens meant a bike ride round the park with one of his parents.That's quite a bicycle ride.We had plenty of time to take a bike ride or walk after dinner, before it got dark.