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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroad testˈroad test noun [countable]  TTCSCLa test to check that a vehicle is in good condition and safe to driveMOTroadtest /ˈrəʊdtest $ ˈroʊd-/ verb [transitive] All our vehicles are roadtested before they are sold.
Examples from the Corpus
road testOn a recent trip to London, I took the Zagat survey for a road test.A road test by a competent mechanic would confirm.Read our full road test to find out.The candidates faced hours of written exams, manoeuvres and then a gruelling road test through Milton Keynes.Spider gave him the road test, presented him with the license.It is the most comprehensive of the road test series and is also one of the first to feature colour pages.It was time to road test my new hair, so I popped into the local florists.