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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsilencersi‧lenc‧er /ˈsaɪlənsə $ -sər/ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishTTC a piece of equipment that is connected to the exhaust of a vehicle to make its engine quieter syn muffler American English2 PMWa thing that is put on the end of a gun so that it makes less noise when it is fired
Examples from the Corpus
silencerInstead, Micron is working with road-legal silencers and gradually reducing their baffling.The installation of silencer tubes is no longer allowed.Special silencers on the drier and 90 elbows reflect the noise for houses only 200m away.Note that silencer tubes are no longer allowed.?He saw all the rivets and the little oily spots, the weld marks and the silencer mountings.On the first circuit there was a sudden roar as the weld on the silencer split.The silencer jammed into the muzzle of the.45 made the weapon look enormous.Pistol, .22 calibre, with silencer.