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slickslick2 noun [countable]  1 TTR (also oil slick)SLIDE an area of oil on the surface of water or on a road2 American EnglishTCN a magazine printed on good-quality paper with a shiny surface, usually with a lot of colour pictures syn glossy magazine3 TTCDS technical a smooth car tyre used for racing
Examples from the Corpus
slickBelow a slick of oil hovered clouds of undissolved cream.He said oil slicks from the stricken leviathan still sometimes marred the bay.Children were swimming in the canal amid shimmering oil slicks while their fathers fished from their living rooms.This problem to some extent overshadowed the oil slick as an environmental issue.The stench of the fuel floated above the pond Monday and rainbow slicks could be seen near its mouth.The Domesday Group had also predicted the terrible slime slick to which Slampacker was referring.The slick is one of the largest, and potentially most damaging, ever to have been recorded.