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sparespare3 noun  1 [countable]MORE/EXTRA an additional thing, for example a key, that you keep so that it is available If you forget the key, Mrs Jones over the road has a spare. The batteries are dead. Have you got any spares?2 [countable]TTC a spare tyre3 spares
Examples from the Corpus
spareI brought two batteries just in case I needed a spare.They are sold by many electrical retail outlets, and spares are easy to carry.Build quality seemed good and there are now enough agents in this country to make servicing and spares less of a worry.The reason is now obvious, a pair of robins had nested in the electrical spares rack.Sanctions meant he could no longer import spares but the value of his existing stock had increased tenfold.She noted, however, that spares for aircraft can be produced by companies other than the original manufacturer.Within a minute, the spare was in place.