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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeedwayspeed‧way /ˈspiːdweɪ/ noun  1 DSOTTC[uncountable] the sport of racing motorcycles or cars on a special track2 [countable]DSO a special track for the sport of speedway
Examples from the Corpus
speedwayNot a bad day either for Martin Dugard from the Oxford Cheetahs speedway team.According to the visitors the track was unfit for competitive speedway.Clearly it all adds up to a great season ahead for the fans, who fought to keep speedway in Swindon.The Cheetahs know all about the dangers of speedway.But first to the Oxford Stadium, where a dangerous track sabotaged a night's speedway.The speedway turns are to compensate for his not decking the man on the spot and cutting his scrawny throat.Many top speedway riders will be pitting their skills in the National motor cycle grass track meeting.I've had a love affair with speedway for 40 years; so have the fans.