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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstallstall1 /stɔːl $ stɒːl/ ●●○ S3 noun  1 [countable]SHOP/STORE a table or a small shop with an open front, especially outdoors, where goods are sold a market stall2 [countable]TA an enclosed area in a building for an animal such as a horse or cow3 [countable usually singular]TTC if a plane goes into a stall, its engine stops working4 [countable usually plural]TBB a seat in a row of fixed seats for priests and singers in some larger churches choir stalls5 bathroom/toilet/shower stall6 the stalls
Examples from the Corpus
stalla stall at a flea marketThere are stalls selling sweets, cakes, espetada and wine.New covers for stalls in Darlington market will cost £4,600.The organisation first began life in Shepperton with four ponies, two saddles, four bridles, four stalls and a shed.The trouble is, you can't really try the clothes on at a market stall.There was the theatre; seated in the stalls he could stare, but could not address her; but afterwards?In the stalls Timothy Gedge sat three rows behind the children from Sea House, with the carrier-bag by his feet.On leaving the stall they plunged into the hall which was bedlam, and far fuller than it had been that morning.Justin used to mind the stall while his father was in the cafe, drinking.Most of the Guernseys are hitched to their stalls, but one is in a special stall.