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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtachographtach‧o‧graph /ˈtækəɡrɑːf $ -ɡræf/ noun [countable] technical  TTCa piece of equipment for recording the speed of a vehicle, the distance it has travelled etc
Examples from the Corpus
tachographCablink provides all the functions of a tachograph in a much easier to use form.Right: Traffic Manager Trevor Elston checks drivers' tachograph cards to ensure they are balancing work with rest periods.The company was also admonished on 18 counts of causing and permitting drivers to falsify tachograph records.Orwell Transport's case concerns the tachograph regulations which are frequently infringed, deliberately and unwittingly.The writer has great sympathy for hauliers confronting the intricacies of the tachograph legislation. 5.