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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtailgatetail‧gate1 /ˈteɪlɡeɪt/ noun [countable] American English  1 TTCa door at the back of a truck or car that opens out and down2 a tailgate party
Examples from the Corpus
tailgateBut the reed-slayers declared victory Sunday with a tailgate party celebrating the removal of an estimated 165 tons of the plant.Players sneak bratwurst from fans at tailgate parties.I stayed after hours doing murals on tailgates.He crashed into the tailgate just as Mr Linley crashed into the back of the cab.Tommy shot the bolts on the tailgate and let it drop.In the front, on another video screen, three well-built specimens cavorted on the tailgate of a pickup truck.At five o'clock the phone set on the tailgate of the Range Rover trilled.