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throttle in Motor vehicles topic

throttlethrottle2 noun [countable]  1 TTC technical a piece of equipment that controls the amount of fuel going into a vehicle’s engineat/on full throttle The engines were at full throttle (=the throttle was open so the engines could go very fast).2 full throttle
Examples from the Corpus
throttleAs the boat is reversing steadily, Grant gives it full throttle forward.The lighter valves also allow the firm to use 30 per cent softer valve springs-improving throttle response.He took his left hand off the throttle and punched himself in the face.Ace threw herself at the speeder controls, stamping on the throttle override while wrenching the steering column forward.For autorotation practice, the throttle will be set to give a safe idle speed.There's not a huge level of power available-you can snap the throttle open without feeling intimidated.Yanto grinned and twisted the throttle again.The throttle twist grip on the end of the collective stick has to be coordinated with the up and down movements.at/on full throttleWith mainsail set and at full throttle we steamed for home.Under harder acceleration it intrudes, finishing up as a deep, rough-edged sounding beat at full throttle.Mike Holmgren is coming home the way anyone would like to do it, a winner, career at full throttle.Between six-day-a-week early morning practices and a string of visits by high school recruits, Jody is at full throttle.A Tory campaign machine on full throttle generally encountered sour looks and sullen stares.The single four-barrel Holley carb can gulp down a staggering 750 cubic feet of air every minute at full throttle.Shelford was at full throttle and all that stood in his way to a four pointer was the frail-looking frame of Roebuck.Not, apparently, because companies have ceased considering takeovers - everyone talks of City corporate finance departments working on full throttle.