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totaltotal3 ●●○ verb (totalled, totalling British English, totaled, totaling American English)  1 [linking verb, transitive]BFTOTAL to reach a particular total The group had losses totalling $3 million this year.RegisterTotal is used especially in journalism. In everyday English, people usually say that something makes or adds up to a particular total:Three and six make nine.2 [transitive] especially American English informalTTCDAMAGE to damage a car so badly that it cannot be repaired Chuck totaled his dad’s new Toyota. total something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
totalAn equivalent drop today would total 1,800 points.This means that interest payments on a £50,000 mortgage over the past three years totalled £10,682.76.The number of people included in the study totalled 170.The company was forced to pay fines and penalties totalling $24.8.The quantity of hazardous waste sent out-of-state for treatment totals 252,460 metric tons.Contributions totaled $28,000.This is some way short of percentages in recent years like 1990 for example, when the amount totalled 30 percent of sales.Up to four Xplorer systems, totalling 64 processors, also can be connected.The truck was totaled, but no one was hurt.Since then, however, there has been a decline in numbers and in 1981-2 enrolments totalled some 5,400.