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treadtread2 noun  1 tyre.jpg [countable, uncountable]TTC the pattern of lines on the part of a tyre that touches the road2 [countable]DH the part of a stair that you put your foot on3 [singular] literarySOUND the particular sound that someone makes when they walk I heard the back door bang, and Rex’s tread in the hall.
Examples from the Corpus
treadIt was with relief that I heard Sherlock Holmes's familiar tread upon the stairs.As if in answer to her wish she heard a heavy, masculine tread on the uncarpeted stairs outside her door.Stairs of dark wood curved up from the hall, and the old treads creaked under their combined weight.The outside of the shoe was constructed from woven fabric and metal with a ribbed silicon rubber tread.Suddenly there came the sound of the tread of the patriarch.The tyre tread does not protrude beyond the wheel arch, but the side wall does noticeably.His bare feet could identify all the frayed patches on the long ribbon of carpet and each worn tread on the stairs.