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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunleadedun‧lead‧ed /ʌnˈledɪd/ adjective  TTCunleaded petrol does not contain any leadunleaded noun [uncountable] Ben’s car only takes unleaded.
Examples from the Corpus
unleadedLike any big-block V-8 fueled by gasoline, this engine chugged regular unleaded.Can you confirm that Land Rover V8 will accept unleaded fuel? 4.Most outdid Torreson's $ 1.70.9 per gallon of unleaded gasoline by a cent at $ 1.69.9.Arco spokesman Scott Loll said 55 customers' cars broke down after pumping the regular, unleaded gasoline.Jet, which already sells cut-price petrol, will knock 12p off a gallon of unleaded, reducing it to £199.6p.However, in more rural counties, unleaded regular can still be found for $ 1. 19 a gallon.But you couldn't feel smug about filling up your tank with unleaded while all that was going on.If I use unleaded will my engine be less powerful?