ABS acceleration accelerator airbag ambulance antifreeze anti-lock braking system aquaplane armoured car articulated auto automatic automatic transmission automobile axle backfire back seat banger beater beep bike biker blind spot blow body bodywork bonnet bookmobile boot(n) boot(v) breakdown truck brights broadside bulldozer bumper bumper sticker bus(n) bus(v) bus pass bus station cab cab rank cabriolet cabstand Cadillac car car alarm carburettor car park car pool carport carrier car wash Caterpillar central locking change charabanc choke clamp clunker coach station coachwork cockpit compact company car convertible corner coupé courtesy cover note crack-up crankshaft crash helmet cruise cruise control cruiser cycle dashboard defog defrost demist depot designated driver diesel diesel fuel differential gear dipstick dirt bike dirt track disc brakes disengage dismount distributor double-decker double-park drag race dragster drink-driving drive(v) drive(n) driver driver's education driver's license drive shaft drive-through driving licence driving school driving test drunk driving dump truck dune buggy dust cart emergency brake estate car excavator express fan belt fare fender fender-bender filler cap filling station filter(n) filter(v) fin fire fire engine first gear fishtail flat(a) flat(n) floorboard fog lamp four-star four-wheel drive freewheel fuel injection full lock garage(n) garage(v) garbage truck gas-guzzler gasohol gasoline gas pedal gas station gear gearbox gear lever gear shift gear stick glove compartment go-cart go-kart green light grille gritter guardrail hack hackney carriage handbrake handlebars hatchback haulage hazard lights headlamp headlight headroom heap hearse heavy goods vehicle HGV high beams high-octane Highway Code hijacking hit-and-run hitchhike honk(n) honk(v) hood hoot(n) hoot(v) hopped-up horsebox horse trailer hot rod hot-wire hubcap hydroplane ignition indicate indicator inner tube internal combustion engine jack-knife jalopy Jeep juggernaut jump jumper cables jump leads jump-start kickstand kick-start(v) kick-start(n) Klaxon lead-free learner's permit left-hand drive license plate light limo limousine local lock(v) lock(n) log book lorry low gear L-plate magneto manifold mechanic meter maid mileage mileometer milk float minibus minicab minivan misfire moped MOT motocross motor(n) motor(a) motor(v) motorbike motorcade motor car motorcycle motor home motoring motorist motorized motor pool motor racing motor scooter motor vehicle moving van mpg muffler multi-storey nearside neutral number plate octane odometer omnibus overdrive overshoot panel panel truck pantechnicon park park and ride parking parking brake parking garage parking light parking lot parking meter parking ticket passenger seat patrol car patrolman pedal penalty point petrol station pick-up pick-up truck pillion piston ring pit plate plug pneumatic pound power steering prang premium provisional licence push-start race race car racing car radar trap radial tyre radiator rank rearview mirror refuel reg. registration registration number regular remould removal van respray restraint retread rev reverse(v) reverse(n) reverse gear reversing light ride rig right-hand drive road hog road rage road test roadworthy Rolls-Royce roof-rack run(v) run(n) runabout RV saloon salt truck scooter seat belt sedan self-drive shaft shift shock absorber sidecar sidelight sideswipe silencer sill slick slipstream snarl snarl-up snow chains snowmobile snow plough snow tire souped-up spare spare tyre sparking plug spark plug speedometer speed trap speedway splash guard spoiler sports car stall start starter starter motor station wagon steamroller steering stick stick shift stretch limo sump sunroof supercharged suspension tachograph tachometer tailback tailboard tailgate(n) tailgate(v) tail light tailpipe tax disc taxi taxicab teamster test certificate test drive three-point turn three-wheeler throttle thrust ticket tie-up total towbar towline towtruck tractor traffic jam transmission transporter tread trolley trolleybus trucker trucking trunk tune tune-up turbocharger turning circle turn signal two-stroke unleaded valet(n) valet(v) van vanity plate vehicle veteran car vintage car visor wheelbase wheel clamp whiplash whitewall windscreen windscreen wiper windshield wiper wing wing mirror wiper wreck wrecker write-off

motor vehicle

motor vehicle [countable] formal
TTC any vehicle which has an engine, such as a car, bus, or truck:
This road is closed to motor vehicles.