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a cappella accelerando accompaniment accompanist accompany accordion acid house acoustic adagio allegro andante anthem aria arpeggio arr. arrange arrangement atonal back backing bagpipes balalaika ballad band bandmaster bandsman bandstand banjo bar barbershop baritone barrel organ bass(n) bass(a) bass clef bass guitar bassist bassoon baton beat(v) beat(n) bebop blast blow bluegrass bolero bongos boogie bootleg bow(n) bow(v) brass band breve bridge bugle busk C cabaret cadence cadenza calypso canon cantata canticle cantor carillon carol(n) carol(v) castanets catchy cellist cello chamber music chamber orchestra chant(v) chant(n) choir choirboy choral chorale chord chorister chorus Christmas carol chromatic clapper clarinet clavichord clef coda coloratura combo compose composer concert concertgoer concertina concertmaster concerto conduct conductor consonant consort continuo contrabass contralto cor anglais cornet counterpoint countertenor country and western country music cover(v) cover(n) crescendo croon crotchet cut cymbal D damper dance dance band demo descant didgeridoo diminuendo dirge disc jockey discord discordant dissonance ditty Dixieland do doh dominant double bass downbeat drum(n) drum(v) drumbeat drum kit drum major drummer drumming drum-roll drumstick dub duet dulcimer duo ear easy listening eighth note elevator music encore ensemble expression f. fa falsetto fanfare fantasia fiddle fiddler fife finale fingering flat(a) flat(n) flat(a) flautist floor show flourish flute folk(n) folk(a) folk music forte(n) forte(a) fortissimo forty-five French horn fret fugue funk funky g gamelan gig(n) gig(v) glee club glide glockenspiel gong gospel grand grand opera grand piano Gregorian chant group guitar half note half step hammer hard rock harmonic harmonica harmonium harmonize harmony harp harpsichord heavy metal high high-pitched hip hop horn hot house music hurdy-gurdy hymn impressionism impressionist improvise incidental music instrument instrumental(a) instrumental(n) instrumentalist instrumentation interlude interval jam jam session jazz jazzy jig jingle jungle karaoke kazoo kettledrum key keyboard key signature la lament largo leader ledger line legato leitmotif lento librettist libretto lilt lullaby lute lyre lyric lyrical lyricism lyricist madrigal maestro major male-voice choir mandolin maracas march marching band mariachi marimba masterclass medley mellifluous melodic melodious melody metronome mezzo-soprano mi middle C minim minor minstrel minuet modal mode moderato modulate molto mood music motif mouth organ mouthpiece movement music musical(a) musical(n) musical instrument musically musician musicianship musicology music stand mute(v) mute(n) Muzak national anthem natural(a) natural(n) Negro spiritual nocturne note number number one nursery rhyme oboe octave octet off-key one-man band opera opera house operetta opus oratorio orchestra orchestral orchestra pit orchestrate organ organ grinder organist overtone overture p. panpipes part part-song pause peal pedal peg penny whistle percussion perfect pitch Philharmonic phrase(n) phrase(v) phrasing pianissimo pianist piano(n) piano(a) pianola piccolo pick(v) pick(n) pipe piped music piper pitch(n) pitch(v) pizzicato plainchant plainsong play player player piano plectrum pluck polyphony pop pop group pop music pop star prelude presto(a) presto(n) prima donna production number promenade concert psaltery punk quarter note quartet quaver quintet rag raga ragga ragtime range rap(n) rap(v) rapper recital recitative record recorder reed refrain reggae register remaster rendering rendition repeat request requiem resonator rest rhapsody rhythm rhythm and blues rhythm section riff roadie road manager rock rock and roll rock music rock 'n' roll rondo rostrum round rumba run salsa samba saxophone saxophonist scale scat scherzo score(n) score(v) semibreve semiquaver semitone septet serenade(n) serenade(v) set setting sextet shanty sharp(a) sharp(n) sheet music sight-read signature tune sing singer singer-songwriter single sitar sixteenth note ska skiffle slide slur(v) slur(n) snare drum so sol sol-fa solo(a) solo(n) soloist sonata song songbook songster songwriter soprano(n) soprano(a) soul soundtrack spiritual squeezebox staccato staff standard stave steel band steel guitar step string stringed instrument strum study suite swell swing symphony syncopated syncopation synthesis synthesize synthesizer tabla tabor tambourine techno tempo tenor(n) tenor(a) Tex-Mex theme thrash threnody throb ti timbrel time time signature timpani toccata tom-tom tonal tonality tone tone-deaf tone poem tonic tootle track transcribe transpose treble(n) treble(a) treble clef tremolo triangle trill trombone trumpet tuba tune(n) tune(v) tuneful tuneless tuning fork tuning peg ukulele unaccompanied upright piano valve variation verse vibes vibraphone vibrato viola violin violinist virginals virtuoso vivace vocal(a) vocal(n) vocalist voice voluntary waltz warble warbler whole note wind instrument woodwind xylophone yodel(v) yodel(n) zither zydeco

Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: musique, from Latin, from Greek mousike 'art of the Muses', from Mousa; MUSE2


mu‧sic S1 W1 [uncountable]
1APM a series of sounds made by instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or excitingCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
listen to music play music write/compose music pop/rock/jazz/classical/country music live music (=music that is played by musicians on stage) recorded music background music piece of music music lover
I often listen to music when I'm in the car.
What's your favourite kind of music?
a record featuring the music of George Harrison
The band was playing music from the show 'South Pacific'.
Nyman writes the music for most of Peter Greenaway's films.
a country music radio station
A lot of the bars round here have live music at weekends.
A new piece of music was specially written for the occasion.
He was a keen music lover.
2APM the art of writing or playing music:
Peter's studying music at college.
music lessons
music business/industry etc
a career in the music business
3APM a set of written marks representing music, or paper with the written marks on it:
I left my music at home.
McCartney never learned to read music.
sheet music

be music to your ears

if someone's words are music to your ears, they make you very happy or pleased

set/put something to music

APMAL to write music so that the words of a poem, play etc can be sung

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!! Do not say 'musics' or 'a music'. Music is an uncountable noun I love listening to music.!! Do not say 'music band' or 'music group'. Say band or group Why don't we form a band? My favourite group is S Club 7. You can also use a word that describes a type of music before band or group a jazz band a rock group!! Do not say 'music concert'. Say concert It was the first time I'd been to a concert. You can also use a word that describes a type of music before concert pop concerts a classical music concert