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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharrangear‧range /əˈreɪndʒ/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]ARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETC to organize or make plans for something such as a meeting, party, or trip Contact your local branch to arrange an appointment. I’d like to arrange a business loan.arrange to do something Have you arranged to meet Mark this weekend?arrange something with somebody Beth arranged a meeting with the marketing director.arrange when/where/how etc We still have to arrange how to get home.arrange that We had arranged that I would go for the weekend. Matthew arrived at 2 o'clock as arranged.2 [intransitive, transitive] to make it possible for someone to have or do somethingarrange for something The company will arrange for a taxi to meet you at the airport.arrange for somebody to do something Dave arranged for someone to drive him home.3 [transitive]ARRANGE A GROUP OF THINGS OR PEOPLE to put a group of things or people in a particular order or position Ben arranged the flowers in a vase. The list is arranged alphabetically.arrange something in pairs/groups etc The children were arranged in lines according to height.4 [transitive]APM to write or change a piece of music so that it is suitable for a particular instrumentarrange something for something a symphony arranged for the pianoTHESAURUSto put in orderarrange to put things in a particular order or positionI like the way you’ve arranged the room.a group of numbers arranged in any orderorganize to arrange things in order according to a system, so that they are more effective or easier to useThe book is organized into three sections.How is the equipment organized?order to arrange a group of things so that one comes after the other in a particular orderThe books are ordered according to title.classify to arrange things in groups, and give each group a titleThe towns were classified according to population size.set out to arrange a group of things on the floor, on a table, on a shelf etc, ready to be usedIf we set out the chairs now, they’ll be ready for tonight’s meeting.be laid out to be arranged according to a particular plan – used especially about cities, buildings, and pagesKyoto is laid out according to a grid system.to arrange to do somethingarrange to organize or make plans for something such as a meeting, party, or tripHe had arranged to meet Marcia outside the restaurant.The company arranges skiing trips.fix/fix up especially British English spoken to arrange something, especially for someone elseJohn had fixed up for me to give a talk.I’ve fixed an appointment for you at the doctor’s.organize (also -ise British English) to make the arrangements for an event, especially a big public eventThey had organized a protest against the war.set a time/date (also fix a time/date British English) to arrange for something to happen at a particular time or on a particular dayHave you set a date for the wedding yet?We fixed a time for me to visit.reserve/book to arrange to stay in a place, go to a theatre, travel on a plane etcI’ve booked the flight to Zurich.He had reserved a table at the restaurant.take care of/make the arrangements to arrange all the details of an eventUncle James is making all the funeral arrangements. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
arrangeWe're going on Friday - it's all arranged.Efforts to arrange a ceasefire have failed.The police suggested he arrange a meeting.Ann's arranging a surprise party for Russell's birthday.The books are arranged alphabetically, according to author.Sea fishing is a particular passion of Raymond's and he will loan tackle and arrange boat trips.He arranged for Andi to leave on the next flight home.Health authorities are encouraged to arrange for the services which ethnic minority communities need and which reflect cultural differences.Why things have mass is one of the great questions; why things are arranged in generations is one of the others.The desks were arranged in pairs.Joette, never one for passive visitors, has soon arranged my visits to coincide with the weekly pumpkin observations.Mr Tolleson never stopped performing and spent his free moments arranging pieces for his and other bands.It was arranged that our visitors should stay at a nearby hotel.Coyle arranged the cushions and sat down on the sofa.We spent the morning arranging the jewelry in the display case.Why don't you arrange the kids and I'll take their picture.If you have a lot of things to do, just make a list and arrange them in order of importance.They arranged to meet the following day.Can you arrange yourselves in a circle so that everyone can see me?as arrangedMalcolm McLaren did not arrive at the Virgin offices that December afternoon, as arranged.That evening at the hotel Oliver's four friends met as arranged.The meeting took place as arranged.She put the key to Les Hiboux under a stone on the terrace as arranged, and drove to the mairie.In the note she said she was on her way to Pollensa as arranged and would phone him later.Graham Vincent met us as arranged at Abergynolwyn and accompanied us up to Nant Gwernol.The two men then left the office to lunch, as arranged, with the attorney-general.Please permit her to do so as arranged with you by phone.arrange for somebody to do somethingThe local authority has arranged for the twins to attend some kind of daycare centre.Callers can arrange for cars to be picked up beginning immediately, Silver said.At the same time he arranged for Burgess to be sent home to extricate Maclean before the net closed.So Cameron arranged for Byrd to be trained at the station.Peter arranged for a friend to drive him there.Blums believed Osborn had planted a knife and had arranged for some one to find it and report it to police.That includes deciding on rental terms or arranging for others to make repairs.Demir was able to call a lawyer, arrange for him to visit the main military headquarters and see the campaigner.I've arranged for her to work in my Paris branch.