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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbandband1 /bΓ¦nd/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 MUSICAPMa group of musicians, especially a group that plays popular music πŸ”Š The band was playing old Beatles songs. πŸ”Š I grew up playing in rock bands. πŸ”Š Smith joined the band in 1989. πŸ”Š They formed a band when they were still at school. πŸ”Š The entertainment includes a disco and live band. πŸ”Š interviews with band members β†’ big band, brass band, marching band, one-man bandGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?β€’ In this meaning, band is usually followed by a singular verb: The band has made a video.β€’ In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The band have made a video.2 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people formed because of a common belief or purposeband of πŸ”Š a small band of volunteers πŸ”Š bands of soldiers3 AMOUNTa range of numbers within a system πŸ”Š Interest rates stayed within a relatively narrow band.age/tax/income etc band πŸ”Š people within the $20,000–$30,000 income band4 PIECE OF MATERIALPIECEa flat narrow piece of something with one end joined to the other to form a circle πŸ”Š papers held together with a rubber band πŸ”Š a slim gold band on her finger5 a narrow area of light, colour, land etc that is different from the areas around it πŸ”Š The birds have a distinctive blue band round their eyes.band of πŸ”Š a thin band of cloud6 TCB technical a range of radio signals syn wavebandCOLLOCATIONSverbsform a bandThey formed their own band and released a single.join a bandHe took up the saxophone and joined the school band.play/sing in a band (=be a musician or singer in a band)Budd played in a rock band.lead a band (=either as lead singer or as a conductor)He led his own band in Florida and played in clubs.a band performs/playsThe band is performing live on Saturday night.a band strikes up (=starts playing)We were on the dance floor waiting for the band to strike up.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + banda rock/jazz etc bandHe’s the saxophonist in a jazz band.a brass band (=a band of brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones)A brass band was playing in the park.a live band (=playing live music, not recorded music)There’s a live band at the club on Saturday nights.the school bandShe plays the trumpet in the school band.a marching band (=musicians who march as they play)the Ohio state marching banda military band (=musicians who play music on military occasions)a military band with their brass and their drumsband + NOUNa band memberHe was one of the original band members.a band leader (=the conductor of a brass band, a military band, etc)COMMON ERRORS β–Ί Don’t say β€˜make a band’. Say form a band.
Examples from the Corpus
bandβ€’ There was a band of yellow in the rock.β€’ It is red-orange, with five or six narrow violet-blue bands on the sides.β€’ There are an orchestra, a concert band, an intermediate band and a 25-member jazz ensemble.β€’ an elastic bandβ€’ There's a good band on Friday night at El Club.β€’ More importantly, they adapted to the conditions far more effectively than Gavin Hastings' band of teetotallers.β€’ As you move into the higher income bands, the charges start to increase.β€’ How many bands of colour are there in a rainbow?β€’ As we taxied up and the motors were turned off, we could hear martial music from a khaki-clad military band.β€’ There are orange bands around the snake's back.β€’ a black snake with orange bands around its backβ€’ a wide silk bandβ€’ a small band of rebelsβ€’ These changes will not affect people in the lowest tax band.β€’ The band were pleased with the excellent treatment they received from foreign promoters.β€’ a country-and-western bandβ€’ The Sensational what band? he said.age/tax/income etc bandβ€’ Last year, in a symbolic gesture, he introduced a 20p tax band.β€’ But the local council has put it in the highest council tax band - for houses worth at least three hundred thousand pounds.β€’ Expected mortality was found for each age band, disease site, and decade of diagnosis.β€’ And all workers will get an extra Β£3 a week from the widening of the bottom-rate 10p income tax band.β€’ Tax cuts through the increase in the 10p income tax band will mean everyone has a little more in their pocket.β€’ All taxpayers will benefit from the widening of the 10p income tax band.β€’ Nor could breakdowns of these awards in terms of age bands and entry qualifications be supplied.β€’ This, however, is unlikely to be a serious problem with five-year age bands.