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bassbass2 adjective [only before noun]  a bass instrument or voice produces low notes a bass drum
Examples from the Corpus
bassPlacement of the bass module is particularly critical.You need to play the bass notes slightly louder.There are Eko 12-string necks and bodies, curious banjo necks, oddball Eko violin bass parts and lots, lots more.This single speaker unit is designed to add to an existing hi fi setup to provide a dramatic improvement in bass reproduction.You might get a bass riff or something, as a hook for the song, but the solos were strictly adlib.Jim was asked to sing the bass solos.It will give that tight West Coast strum with the bass strings becoming almost percussive.Then from 1968-70. he played bass trombone and tuba with Doe Severinson s band.He sang popular songs for us in his deep bass voice.