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boogieboogie2 (also boogie woogie /ˌbuːɡi ˈwuːɡi $ ˌbʊɡi ˈwʊɡi/) noun [uncountable]  1 APMa type of music played on the piano with a strong fast rhythm boogie rock at its finest2 a boogie
Examples from the Corpus
boogieYou work hard all week, you're entitled to a boogie now and then.Southern-fried boogie rock at its finest.From sultry crooners to hillbilly boogie, Case's voice always sounds at home in her material.At the end of the day, who cares if they're boogie boarding off Newquay or riding big waves in Scarborough?There can be a really heavy feeling sometimes between local surfers and visitors and between the real surfers and the boogie boarders.