Topic: MUSIC

Sense: 1
Date: 1100-1200
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: canunie, from Late Latin canonicus 'person living under a rule', from Greek, from kanon
Sense: 2-5
Date: 800-900
Language: Latin
Origin: 'ruler, rule, standard', from Greek kanon


can‧on [countable]
1RRC a Christian priest who has special duties in a cathedral
2 formal a standard, rule, or principle, or set of these, that are believed by a group of people to be right and good
canon of
Mapplethorpe's pictures offended the canons of American good taste.
3 formalALAPM
a) a list of books or pieces of music that are officially recognized as being the work of a certain writer:
the Shakespearean canon
b) all the books that are recognized as being the most important pieces of literature:
the literary canon
4APM a piece of music in which a tune is started by one singer or instrument and is copied by each of the others
5RRC an established law of the Christian church

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