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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchoirboychoir‧boy /ˈkwaɪəbɔɪ $ ˈkwaɪr-/ noun [countable]  APMa young boy who sings in a church choir
Examples from the Corpus
choirboyWhen John was ten, he became a choirboy.Michael Portillo seemed ill at ease, and his voice squeaked and cracked like a choirboy.To all outward appearance, he looked benign enough, with a mild, unsullied face, the perfect choirboy.Tom Mekon handles the vocal with the clear precise choirboy voice that's always been his strength.The face is that of a Renaissance choirboy, or cupid, caught up in some act of Southern atavism.We all know those clergymen and their choirboys, don't we?Firelight reflecting, Red wax candles, Treble voiced choirboys, Spicy hot pies.The woollen choirboy under my heel!