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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconcertocon‧cer‧to /kənˈtʃɜːtəʊ $ -ˈtʃertoʊ/ noun (plural concertos) [countable]  APMa piece of classical music, usually for one instrument and an orchestra
Examples from the Corpus
concertoIn the mid-1950s, Piazzola began to write operas and concertos based on the tangos.His best selling recording was a version of Elgar's cello concerto.One of the pieces is a jazz concerto by the legendary trumpet player Harry James.The Albinoni started life as an oboe concerto.He is a most distinguished Mozartian, and this year is recording all 27 of the piano concertos for Chandos Records.But the concerto, none the less, is completely Mozartian in character, and perfectly assured.Douglas makes the concerto sound almost chaste in its clinical brilliance.David Oistrakh recorded the Brahms and Tchaikovsky violin concertos many times.