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covercover2 ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 protection [countable]COVER something that is put on top of something else to protect itlid a blue duvet cover a plastic cover A dust cover (=to keep dirt etc off) hung over the painting.2 books [countable]READ the outer front or back part of a magazine, book etc His photo’s on the cover of ‘Newsweek’ again.front/back cover an advertisement on the back cover I read the magazine from cover to cover (=all of it).cover photo/shot/picture (=picture on the front cover) The cover shot was of three guys in army kit.3 the covers4 shelter [uncountable]PROTECT shelter or protection from bad weather or attackrun/dive for cover He was shot in the head as he ran for cover. We were forced to take cover in a barn. Three soldiers broke cover (=left the place where they were hiding).5 insurance [uncountable] British EnglishBFI the protection insurance gives you, so that it pays you money if you are injured, something is stolen etc syn coverage American English medical covercover against/for cover against fire and theft6 war [uncountable] military protection and support given to aircraft, ships etc that are likely to be attacked fighters used as cover for ground troops 7 plants [uncountable] trees and plants that grow in large numbers on a piece of land Once the forest cover is felled, rains wash away the soil. With its spreading stems, ivy makes good ground cover.8 weather [uncountable] clouds, snow etc that partly hide the sky or the groundcloud/snow/fog etc cover Cloud cover in the morning should clear later.9 work [uncountable] an arrangement in which people do a job or provide a service, especially because the people who normally do it are not therebackup It’s your responsibility to arrange adequate cover for holiday periods. night-time ambulance cover10 music [countable] (also cover version) a new recording of a song, piece of music etc that was originally recorded by a different artist She’s opted to do a cover version for her first single.11 secret [countable usually singular]SCC behaviour or activities that seem normal or honest but are being used to hide something bad or illegalcover for The gang used the shop as a cover for drug deals. All that toughness is just a cover for his inability to show affection. 12 under cover13 under (the) cover of darkness/night14 under plain cover/under separate coverCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + cover the front/back coverThe price of the book is on the back cover.a hard/soft coverI never buy books in hard cover – they’re much more expensive.a book/magazine coverThere was a blonde girl on the magazine cover.cover + NOUNa cover story (=the main story on the front of a newspaper or magazine)Last month’s cover story was entitled ‘Your Child’s Brain’.a cover photo/shot (=picture on the front cover)The picture became the July 4th cover shot.a cover designthe cover design of the Christmas issuea cover girl (=an attractive girl whose photo is on the front cover)She had always liked the idea of being a cover girl.phrasesread something from cover to cover (=read a book, magazine etc very thoroughly)He read it from cover to cover in less than three hours. THESAURUScover something that is put on or over something else to protect it, for example a piece of metal, plastic, or glassa manhole coverthe cover that goes over the barbecuecovering a layer of something, or a sheet of something, that covers something elseThere was light covering of snow on the ground. The hard shell acts as a protective covering.the cloth coverings on the altarlid a cover for a container such as a pan or a boxthe lid of the boxa saucepan lidtop/cap the thing that you put on top of a bottle, tube, or pen, in order to prevent the liquid or other things inside from coming outI can’t find the cap for the pen.Put the top back on the milk!the cap that goes on the toothpastecork the top part that you put on top of a bottle of wineCan you take off the cork for me?wrapping (also wrap especially American English) a sheet of paper, plastic etc that is put around something in order to cover or protect itJohn tore the wrapping off his presents.The lamp was still in its wrapping.wrapper a piece of paper or plastic that is put around something you buy, especially a small objectPut the candy wrappers in your pocket.He took the drinking straw out of its wrapper.
Examples from the Corpus
coverThere's $5 cover because there's a band playing tonight.For years he had used his position at the United Nations as a cover for his spying activities.It's a good idea to buy a cover for your computer keyboard.Experts say you should never use more than one page for a cover letter.They ceasefire turned out to be just a cover to gain time to prepare another attack.I need to buy a large casserole dish with a cover.My grandmother disappeared behind her book cover.Like the Essence ad, the book covers included shaving tips.The soldiers ran for cover when the shooting began.Pour over dry ingredients, cover and whirl in blender for about 1 minute.It was the perfect cover story.She took the card out of its plastic cover.There were old record covers scattered all over the floor.I don't really like Clapton's cover of "I Shot the Sheriff."Truss-rod adjustment lives under the traditionally-situated cover above the nut, and offers full dual-action flexibility.Patrick threw back the covers and hopped out of bed.Clinton's on the cover of "Newsweek."As with most systems, you can upgrade this cover at extra cost."The Bridge" was a tribute album of Neil Young covers.dust coverIt is easy enough to imagine brushing away a meter or so of dry dust covering an ice deposit.cover photo/shot/pictureA cover shot on a magazine with Moore?At photo opportunities or on walkabouts, he seemed to see a Private Eye cover picture in every handshake or pram.The picture which became the cover shot, of the Rollright Stones, was a particular race against time.The cover shot nicely evokes the bewilderment felt when climbing in Ordesa.The cover shot saw long-haired Best with the famous red United shirt hanging outside his shorts.broke coverLord Hamlyn eventually broke cover himself, giving ill health as the explanation for his reticence.She took several deep breaths, then broke cover and sprinted in a zigzag weave across the open ground.cover against/forIt might make a cover for Private Eye.Bake, covered for 35 minutes.If you have health insurance, you may be covered for private treatment abroad anyway.State residents would be covered for medical care provided out-of-state for up to 90 days of travel a year.Not even my occasional corporate consulting was good enough cover for my unrelenting commitment.You may substitute another if its cover for watersports and sailing is equivalent or better.Relatively inexpensive items could be included in a general household policy, but obtain separate cover for more valuable rugs.I asked Narendra to cover for me and I drove back to the hotel.ground coverUse it in a sunny mixed bed, or as ground cover.Once established it spreads very rapidly and provides excellent ground cover.Cracking in dry weather can be prevented by mulching and ensuring there is a good ground cover.Flourishing in sun or light shade, this stachys makes good ground cover under roses.It can be reduced if you provide more ground cover for the Loaches so that each can find its own space.One-plant cultures of a single species developed vegetatively, occupying shallow brooks with a stony ground covered with sand, are typical.It turns out the native animals impact that ground cover very lightly.There are a few gaps, with ground cover to stop the soil slipping.cloud/snow/fog etc coverWind currents and cloud cover always played havoc with our helicopters.Scientists say the average cirrus cloud cover over the United States has increased 5 percent since the 1960s.Crop yields would fall as a result of shorter growing periods, and reduced solar radiation due to heavier cloud cover.Long periods of cloud cover hindered data acquisition during the 1991-92 summer period.And he heard now, from another direction, up above the cloud cover, a 28.While the snow covers one world it now also reveals another.The temperature rises with the cloud cover, and the snow underfoot becomes wet and soft, making progress difficult and tiring.The cloud cover as well as the atmospheric conditions are precisely defined.cover forHe used a Miami aviation company as a cover for flights carrying drugs into the U.S.Go and get some lunch. I'll cover for you.My name's Dr Brown. I'm covering for Dr Steele while he's on holiday.