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2 noun
cover2 S1 W2


[countable] something that is put on top of something else to protect it [↪ lid]:
a blue duvet cover
a plastic cover
A dust cover (=to keep dirt etc off) hung over the painting.


[countable] the outer front or back part of a magazine, book etc:
His photo's on the cover of Newsweek again.
front/back cover
an advertisement on the back cover
I read the magazine from cover to cover (=all of it).
cover photo/shot/picture (=picture on the front cover)
The cover shot was of three guys in army kit.


the covers

[plural]DF the sheets etc that you put over yourself when you are in bed:
The covers had slipped off in the night.


[uncountable] shelter or protection from bad weather or attack
run/dive for cover
He was shot in the head as he ran for cover.
We were forced to take cover in a barn.
Three soldiers broke cover (=left the place where they were hiding).


[uncountable] British EnglishBFI the protection insurance gives you, so that it pays you money if you are injured, something is stolen etc [= coverage American English]
medical cover
cover against/for
cover against fire and theft


[uncountable] military protection and support given to aircraft, ships etc that are likely to be attacked:
fighters used as cover for ground troops


[uncountable] trees and plants that grow in large numbers on a piece of land:
Once the forest cover is felled, rains wash away the soil.
With its spreading stems, ivy makes good ground cover.


[uncountable] clouds, snow etc that partly hide the sky or the ground
cloud/snow/fog etc cover
Cloud cover in the morning should clear later.


[uncountable] an arrangement in which people do a job or provide a service, especially because the people who normally do it are not there [↪ backup]:
It's your responsibility to arrange adequate cover for holiday periods.
night-time ambulance cover


also cover version [countable] a new recording of a song, piece of music etc that was originally recorded by a different artist:
She's opted to do a cover version for her first single.


[countable usually singular]SCC behaviour or activities that seem normal or honest but are being used to hide something bad or illegal
cover for
The gang used the shop as a cover for drug deals.
All that toughness is just a cover for his inability to show affection.

under cover

a) pretending to be someone else in order to do something secretly:
She was working under cover to get information on drug gangs.
b) under a roof or other structure:
The aircraft is displayed under cover in the USAF Gallery.

under (the) cover of darkness/night

literary hidden by the darkness of night:
They escaped under cover of darkness.

under plain cover/under separate cover

TCM if a letter etc is sent under plain cover or under separate cover, it is sent in a plain envelope or a separate envelope:
The bill will be sent to you later under separate cover.

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