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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemodem‧o1 /ˈdeməʊ $ -moʊ/ noun (plural demos) [countable]  1 APMa recording containing an example of someone’s music that is sent to a record company so that they can decide whether to produce it or not a demo tape2 PROTEST British English informal an event at which a large group of people publicly protest about something syn demonstration pro-independence demos3 EXPLAINan explanation of how something works syn demonstration4 a) American English an example of a product that is used to show what it is like or how it works demo homes on the new development b) a computer program that shows what a new piece of software will be able to do when it is ready to be sold Click here to download a demo of the new version of our personal finance software.
Examples from the Corpus
demoYou can find demos in many other places on the Net.The discs include several of the newer demos, most of which are available on the Web for free.I absented myself from a couple of demos.I'll give you a quick demo.Cadence owner Archie Bleyer, however, was not very enthusiastic about the demo of this raw and primitive instrumental.Peacefully, sensitively, we must put the demo back into democracy.The demo has a five-minute time limit but gives you a precise feel for the game.With a friendly mix of pleasant pop moments, this demo is outstanding to listen to.I refer to demos of their high end programs.