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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrumdrum1 /drʌm/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 APMa musical instrument made of skin stretched over a circular frame, played by hitting it with your hand or a stick a big bass drum 1,000 people marched, beating drums and carrying flags.on drums Trumpeter Red Rodney was playing with Kenny Clarke on drums (=playing the drums). Jones played the drums in an all-girl band.2 TCONTAIN/HOLDa large round container for storing liquids such as oil, chemicals etc a 5-gallon oil drum3 Tsomething that looks like a drum, especially part of a machine a brake drum4 bang/beat the drum for somebody/something5 the drum of something eardrum
Examples from the Corpus
drumThe rear brake drums on the car need replacing.Place on the cake drum next to the paintbox.a 50-gallon drum of paint thinnerAn oil drum was kicked away, rolling and crashing into the wall beside her.The equipment used is much the same; the same drum machines as then.One beat on an hourglass-shaped drum, while the other clashed large cymbals.a snare drumI rotated the nails so that a cheese paring of wax was scoured from the surface of the drum.Faster and faster spun the wheels of light, and the throbbing of the drums accelerated with them.The cap is retained in the unit and used to reseal the drum.played the drumsJoe Donald played the drums and William and Nellie Addison who were brother and sister played violin and piano.