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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishduodu‧o /ˈdjuːəʊ $ ˈduːoʊ/ ●○○ noun (plural duos) [countable]  1 APTWOtwo people who perform together or are often seen together the comedy duo Reeves and Mortimer2 APMa piece of music for two performers syn duet
Examples from the Corpus
duoa brilliant young comedy duoThe Fernandez duo will attempt to defend their 1992 gold medal.But the giant duo strode imperiously through the mud during the second half to set up Saints' two match-clinching tries.the successful management duo of Doug Livermore and Ray ClemenceMeh'Lindi's rented, streetwise duo guaranteed her much more anonymity; as to her motives, they exhibited no interest whatever.The duo are on course to meet in the Tripleprint Feltham Chase after convincing wins on Saturday.The duo, whose hit Turn Around got to No2 in 1999, planned to put it out on their label Multiply.The guitarist-vocalist duo has been recording and touring as a team for nearly 11 years.