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flatflat2 ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 place to live especially British EnglishFLAT a place for people to live that consists of a set of rooms that are part of a larger building syn apartment They have a flat in Crouch End. a two-bedroom flat The building was knocked down to make way for a block of flats (=a large building with many flats in it). granny flat2 tyreTTC especially American English a tyre that does not have enough air inside syn flat tyre Damn, the car has a flat. He stopped to change a flat.3 music a) APMa musical note that is one semitone lower than a particular note b) APMthe sign (Ƅ) in written music that shows that a note is one semitone lower than a particular notesharp, natural4 flats5 flats6 the flat of somebody’s hand/a knife/a sword etc7 on the flatCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + flatsmallThe flat was too small for the three of them.big/spaciousIt was a big flat with eight or nine rooms.cramped/poky (=too small and not comfortable)She spends most days shut up in a poky flat looking after her disabled Mum.a one-bedroom/two-bedroom etc flatShe lived in a one-bedroom flat in Clapham.a one-room/two-room etc flatTheir home is a humble two-room flat.a ground-floor/first-floor/second-floor etc flatWe’re moving into a first-floor flat.a basement flat (=a flat that is below ground level)They lived in a basement flat in South London.a studio flat (=with one main room)I might just be able to afford a tiny studio flat.high-rise flats (=flats in a very tall building)Many high-rise flats were built in the 1970s.a rented flatHe returned to his rented flat in Cheltenham.a luxury flatLaura shares a luxury flat with her sister Chloe.a self-contained flat (=a flat with its own kitchen and bathroom)We rented a self-contained flat in the city centre.a furnished/unfurnished flat (=a rented flat that does or does not have furniture)She found a job and a furnished flat.a holiday flatThe building has been converted into three holiday flats.phrasesa block of flats (=a large building divided into separate flats)At the time, I lived in a block of flats in St John’s Wood.verbslive in a flatTerry lived in a flat on the second floor.buy a flatI had planned to buy a flat with Geraldine.rent a flatRenting a flat can be very expensive in this part of town.move into a flatThey move into their new flat next week.own a flatThe couple own their own flat in Peebles.
Examples from the Corpus
flatPrices start from £40,995 for a studio and £49,995 for one-bedroom flats.Sitting in the high-ceilinged library of his comfortable flat, he looks the part: bespectacled, a man of thoughtful pose.Stella and Keith moved into a cold, damp flat together.The Government is restoring several of them as holiday flats, a slow process but tastefully done.Lisa lives on the nineteenth floor of a black of flats in London.Headlines about local councils demolishing blocks of flats 10 years old or younger have become commonplace in the past four years.a group of students in a shared flatblock of flatsI was billeted in a block of flats in St John's Wood - luxurious before the lush fittings had been removed.But it's not a block of flats - it's more like half an ordinary house.A block of flats now occupies the site.Headlines about local councils demolishing blocks of flats 10 years old or younger have become commonplace in the past four years.Two cyclists chased him, but he ducked in and out of blocks of flats and vanished.The people who live in the same house or block of flats as you do. 2.They clutter streets, smother blocks of flats and deface many homes.In a number of areas local authorities have sold blocks of flats to private developers who then refurbish them prior to sale.change a flatHe had no useful information about the shooting that took place nearby as Cosby changed a flat tire, police said.The doctoral student was apparently attempting to change a flat tire when his assailant struck.