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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfolkfolk1 /fəʊk $ foʊk/ ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 [plural] (also folks) especially American English people I’m sure there are some folk who would rather they weren’t here. Thanks to the folks at NBC. Wait till the folks back home hear about this!young/old folk British English old-fashioned Young folk these days don’t know the meaning of work.2 folks3 country/farming etc folk4 APM[uncountable] folk music a folk singer
Examples from the Corpus
folkBut there's 100 folk after every job.His parents were hard-working country folk.Most folk around here are pretty friendly.Stella's ambition is to get a job working with old folk.We want to see beautiful people we can be envious of, not ordinary folk who remind us of ourselves.The radio folk have some homework to do between now and Thursday.As with folk, it's a natural process, simply reflective.The young folk need to have a place where they can go in the evenings.I joined other escaping mums - and dads and younger folk and older folk too.young/old folkI joined other escaping mums - and dads and younger folk and older folk too.We have an alarming number of distressing cases in our files of youngsters, families and old folk who need us.You had to talk to those dear old folk at the Empress and I don't blame you.From the Dwarves, the Deep Ones of the Greshorns, the oldest folk of the earth.I used to go along to Greenbank Hospital's geriatric wards, where I sang and played to the old folk.The young folk were emigrating enmasse.Normally, once these older folk have attended a course they are keen to participate in others.