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Language: Old English
Origin: godspel, from god 'good' + spell 'story, news'




[countable]RRC one of the four books in the Bible about Christ's life:
2 also Gospel [singular] the life of Christ and the ideas that he taught
preach/spread the gospel (=tell people about it)
Missionaries were sent to preach the Gospel.
gospel stories
3 [countable usually singular] a set of ideas that someone believes in very strongly and tries to persuade other people to accept
spread/preach the gospel
spreading the gospel of science
4 also gospel truth [uncountable] something that is completely true:
Don't take everything she says as gospel (=don't believe everything she says).
5 also gospel music [uncountable]APM a type of Christian music in which religious songs are sung very loudly:
a gospel choir

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